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Jari Hiltunen is a resident of Sweden, a person who - according to his own personal claims - was personally awarded the rank of 7th dan in Genseiryu, by the founder of Genseiryu, Seiken Shukumine. Jari Hiltunen has never been able to provide any evidence for his claims. On the contrary, his claims have been disproven many times over and over again by those who have taken the time to dig a little deeper.

Lying about his grades/ranks, and about who awarded them to him

The fact is, that Jari Hiltunen was awarded only 1st dan[1] by Kunihiko Tosa back in 1986. Kunihiko Tosa is a senior student of Seiken Shukumine even from before Genseiryu was established. Jari Hiltunen was in 1986 on a two months visit to Japan for training[2] in Kunihiko Tosa's dojo. Jari Hiltunen was disappointed by the poor result of his examination thus returning to Sweden lying about the results. Jari Hiltunen instead claimed to have passed the rank of 5th dan, which was an obvious lie. This fact has later been confirmed by Kunihiko Tosa on many occasions. Jari Hiltunen has never ever been awarded any higher rank than 1st dan in Genseiryu despite his own claims. According to an interview with Kunihiko Tosa, the fact that Jari Hiltunen returned to Sweden lying about the examination results and thus claiming to have passed the rank of 5th dan, was one of the main reasons that Kunihiko Tosa cut Jari Hiltunen off from any future training. Kunihiko Tosa cut off all relations to Jari Hiltunen after this incident. They never spoke again.

Written by Jari Hiltunen on his own Homepage. Quoted on 28 November 2006 (Swedish)

Jag började träna budo vid 9 års ålder (judo, karate och taido) som jag fortsatte med i min ungdom. 1982 erhöll jag Renshi diplom (master instruktor) av Seiken Shukumine det var det första i sitt slag i Sverige. Fram till 1984 var jag huvudakligen aktiv innom taido i Sverige, 1984 då jag introducerade Gensei ryu karate till Sverige och startade dojon Gensei Kan, i över 10 års tid tränade och tävlade vi utan medlemskap i svenska budo förundet. 1988 erhöll jag tillsammans med Nobuaki Konno 5:e dan och blev utsedd till president för Europeiska Genseiryu karate förbundet som bildades samma år på initiativ av mig och Konno som ursprungligen var ifrån Genwakai. Genom våra aktiviteter inom Gensei Kan så spred sig Gensei ryu karaten till Finland med Petteri Auotio som startade den första dojon där. 1992 bildades Skandinaviska Genseiryu karate förbundet med de nordiska länderna Sverige, Finland och Danmark. Jag blev utsedd till president och Shihan (chefsinstruktör) för detta förbund. Under årens lopp kom många elever att träna i Gensei Kan som kom ifrån de olika nordiska länderna, jag har elever i både Finland och Danmark som har erhållit dangraderingar. Idag har jag två dojo i Göteborg och arbetar för att sprida Genseiryu karate i Sverige samt att sammarbeta med övrig budo organisationer i Sverige.

Written by Jari Hiltunen on his own Homepage. Quoted in 1997 (English)

"Information about the Chiefinstructor: I was born in Finland, Helsinki the year 1961, - 62 my family moved to Sweden were my father began his work. My martial Art training began at 9 years of age, and I practised Judo for many years. The first karate dojo I joined was "Göteborgs karate- kai" and the style was Kyukushinkai, my teachers name at that time was Attila Mezaros. I practised karate under many teachers when I was young and finally I found the right martial art method by Seiken Shukumine which at that time was called "acrobatic karate" - TAIDO. At the age of 21 I received the degree 3rd Dan Renshi by Seiken Shukumine, that was my first visit in Japan and the year was 1982. 1984 I dissolved the Swedish Taido oraganisation, in which I was the chairman, in order to concentrate on karate in the future. It was obvious that the style would be GENSEI RYU because TAIDO and Gensei Ryu has many resemblances, the arts are both created by Shukumine. The same year as the European Genseiryu karatedo federation was founded , 1988, I received 5th Dan. I worked as a director for this federation until the nordic countries Sweden Finland and Denmark created "The Scandinavian Gensei ryu karatedo federation", in 1993. I was choosen to be the director and Shihan for this federation. We strive to carry on the classical art of Gensei ryu karatedo, which is a unique mix between the Okinawa-te and the tactic Seiken Shukumine used from Tokotai."

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  1. According to Kunihiko Tosa, the only grade ever awarded to Jari Hiltunen was 1st Dan (Shodan) by Kunihiko Tosa. This was awarded just before Jari Hiltunen finished his two months training in Japan in 1986.
  2. Two letters sent from Jari Hiltunen to Kunihiko Tosa on 18 August 1986 and 15 September 1986.