Kazuko Shukumine

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Kazuko Shukumine ( -17. januar 2010), kone til Seiken Shukumine og mor til tre børn (Yoriko Kudo).

Citat fra hjemmesiden www.taido.net som den fremstod fredag 13. august 2010:

"The mother of Taido, Mrs. Kazuko Shukumine, wife of the founder of Taido, Saiko Shihan Seiken Shukumine sensei, left us earlier this year. Shukumine sensei dedicated his life for Taido but so did also Mrs. Shukumine. She raised three children while keeping a full-time job and supported her husband in his quest. After his death she continued his quest and kept supporting Taido till her final days. Since a few years back she suffered from an illness that finally brought her back to her husband. She will be missed by many and her deeds will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

After the untimely death of Shukumine sensei, Mrs. Shukumine became the head figure of the Taido community, i.e., Soke. As her successor, her youngest daughter, Mrs. Yoriko Kudo, has been chosen and accepted the role of Taido Soke.

We welcome her with the hope and trust that she will help the further development of Taido in all dimensions.

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